A database replica does not contain all the documents it should

If none of the following explanations apply, clear the replication history by using the File - Replication - History dialog box in the Notes® client.

Replicas are different sizes

If changes made to one replica have not yet replicated, the content of replicas may be different until replication occurs.

The source server has insufficient access

The source server access in a destination replica ACL determines what the destination replica can receive from the source server. Give the source server higher access in the destination replica ACL if necessary. The following message in the server log (LOG.NSF) indicates insufficient server access:

Access control is set to not allow replication

There is no destination server in an access list

Access lists allow only a subset of people and servers in the ACL to access documents. If such access lists exist, add the destination server to them in the source server replica. If the access list uses a role to define access, add the destination server to the role on the source server replica.

An intermediate server has insufficient access

If replication between a source and destination server occurs through an intermediate server, make sure the source and destination server replica ACLs give the intermediate server high enough access to replicate all changes.

Replication settings are filtering documents

Some replication settings act as filters that screen out documents and features. Check the replication settings.

The server is out of disk space

If the database is a Release 4 format database, check to see if it exceeded the maximum database size. Ask your Domino® administrator to resolve disk space problems and if necessary, consider moving a replica to another server or deleting databases on the server.

Older documents weren't replicated to a new replica

Change the date specified for the replication setting option "Only replicate incoming documents saved or modified after." To view the date, choose File - Replication - Settings and click the "Other" tab in the Notes® client. Create a new replica and specify an earlier date.