Web services on a Domino server

A Web service must exist in a database on a Domino server to be used. Replication is a simple way to move locally designed Web services to servers. Web services on production servers should be properly protected by appropriately signing the Web service and setting the Security tab.

To invoke a Domino Web service, a consumer uses the Domino URL command for opening the design element in a SOAP-encoded Web services HTTP POST request. Domino executes the appropriate implementation code based on the request and sends a SOAP-encoded response to the consumer.

The syntax for the Domino URL command for a Web service is as follows:


If you send the URL command for opening a Web service to a Domino server in an HTTP GET request (for example, by typing the command in a browser), Domino responds with the Web service's port name and the names of the operations for the port.

The following Domino URL command retrieves the WSDL document for the Web service in response to an HTTP GET:


The SOAP address for a Web service is the Domino server responding to the WSDL URL command. The SOAP address in a WSDL document generated by Domino Designer is not valid because the Web service is not properly exposed on a server at that time.