Values (Java)

Read-Write. The value of an item.

Defined in


Data type

java.util.Vector. The data type of the value depends upon the type of the item.

Item type

Valid return type

Rich text

java.util.Vector with one String element rendered into plain text

Text (includes Names, Authors, and Readers item types)

java.util.Vector with String elements

Number or number list

java.util.Vector with Double elements

Date-time or range of date-time values

java.util.Vector with DateTime elements

Each element corresponds to a value in the item. If the item contains a single value, the vector has just one element.


public java.util.Vector getValues()
    throws NotesException
public void setValues(java.util.Vector values)
    throws NotesException


If the item has no value, this method returns null.

This property returns the same value(s) for an item as getItemValue in Document.