Using %Include and %If


%Include directives must be placed in the (Declarations) event for an object. Do not place %Include directives in the event containing the execution code.

The %Include argument must be a string literal. Domino® does not permit a constant name or expression in this directive.

If you change the content of the file specified in an %Include directive, you must force recompilation of the script containing the %Include statement. To force recompilation, change some text in the (Options) or (Declarations) scripts containing the %Include directive, change it back, and save the object holding the script.

To use the LotusScript® constants, include LSCONST.LSS for non-error constants and LSERR.LSS for error constants:

%Include "lsconst.lss" 
%Include "lserr.lss"

To use the error constants for the Domino® objects, include LSXBEERR.LSS for the back-end objects and LSXUIERR.LSS for the front-end objects:

%Include "lsxbeerr.lss"
%Include "lsxuierr.lss"


Domino® does not support the %If directive. (The Platform property of NotesSession provides the same information as the LotusScript® product constants WIN16, WIN32, and so on.)