TimeZone (DateTime - Java)

Read-only. An integer representing the time zone of a date-time. This integer indicates the number of hours that must be added to the time to get Greenwich Mean Time when daylight-saving time is not in effect. May be positive or negative.

Defined in


Data type



public int getTimeZone()
    throws NotesException


When you create a new DateTime object, this property is set according to the time zone setting of the computer on which the program runs or, for remote (IIOP) operations, the Domino® server.

This property is not set and returns 0 if the DateTime object does not include both a time and a date.

When you access a date-time value from an item in a document using the DateTimeValue property in Item, this property is set according to the time zone stored in the item.

The convertToZone method and LocalTime property may modify the value of this property.