stampAllMulti (DocumentCollection - Java)

Replaces the values of specified items in all documents in a document collection.

Note: This method is new with Release 8.5.

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public void stampAllMulti(Document document)
    throws NotesException


Document document

The document contains multiple items, each with values appropriate for the item type.


If an item does not exist, it is created. If the item is of a different data type, the existing item will be deleted and a new item of the new data type created.

The item values are immediately written to the documents on the server. You do not have to use the save method of Document after stampAllMulti. However, any documents modified by your script must be saved before calling stampAllMulti.

This method does not modify existing Document objects. Documents must be retrieved again to see the changes.

If you do not have the proper access to modify one or more of the documents in the document collection, this method will return ERR_NOTES_STAMP_FAILED. Only those documents you are able to modify will be stamped.