RemoveInvitees (NotesCalendarEntry - LotusScript®)

Removes invitees in the calendar entry or entries.

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RemoveInvitees(Names As Variant, Comments As String, Flags As Integer, 
Scope As Integer, Recurid As String  )
Parameter Description
Names Variant. List of users to remove in the specified entry (or entries).
Comments(optional) String. Comments to include on the outgoing notice(s) to organizer or participants.
Flags(optional) Integer. Flags - Only CAL_ACTION_UPDATE_ALL_PARTICIPANTS is allowed, default value : 0
Scope(optional) Integer. The scope of a recurring operation:
  • CS_RANGE_REPEAT_FUTURE (3), inclusive
  • CS_RANGE_REPEAT_PREV (2), inclusive
Recurid String. The recurrence identifier (RECURRENCE-ID item) for a recurring calendar event. The format of a recurrence identifier is a time in UTC format, for example, 20120913T160000Z.
Possible exception Description
A required argument has not been provided(4323) The argument does not exist or with wrong type
NotesCalendar error(4805) General Notes calendar error
Recurrence-ID not found (4808) The meeting recurrence specified by recurid does not exist.