ReadXLotusPropsOutputLevel (NotesCalendar - Java)

Read-write. Controls the return of X-LOTUS properties when reading a calendar entry or notice.

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int NotesCalendar.getReadXLotusPropsOutputLevel()
	throws NotesException
void NotesCalendar.setReadXLotusPropsOutputLevel(int option)
	throws NotesException


Before reading an entry or notice, you can set this option or accept the default NotesCalendar.CS_XLOTUS_READ_DEFAULT.
Constant name Numerical value
NotesCalendar.CS_XLOTUS_READ_DEFAULT (0) Generates non-proprietary X-LOTUS properties. This is the default if this property is not set prior to reading.
NotesCalendar.CS_XLOTUS_READ_NONE (1) Omits all X-LOTUS properties.
NotesCalendar.CS_XLOTUS_READ_ALL (2) Generates proprietary X-LOTUS properties. The caller must know how to update these.


This agent reads calendar entries with no X-LOTUS properties
import lotus.domino.*;

public class JavaAgent extends AgentBase {

    public void NotesMain() {

      try {
          Session session = getSession();
          AgentContext agentContext = session.getAgentContext();

          // (Your code goes here)
          DbDirectory dbdir = session.getDbDirectory("");
          Database maildb = dbdir.openMailDatabase();
          NotesCalendar cal = session.getCalendar(maildb);
          DateTime dt1 = session.createDateTime("Today 08");
          DateTime dt2 = session.createDateTime("Tomorrow 17");
          String calstr = cal.readRange(dt1, dt2);
          // Write result to document
          Database db = agentContext.getCurrentDatabase();
          Document doc = db.createDocument();
          doc.appendItemValue("Form", "main");
          doc.appendItemValue("subject", "Calendar entry");
          RichTextItem body = doc.createRichTextItem("body");
          body.appendText(NotesCalendar.CS_XLOTUS_READ_NONE + "\n");
, true);

      } catch(Exception e) {