readText (Stream - Java)

Reads text lines from a stream.

Defined in



public String readText()
    throws NotesException
public String readText(int constant)
    throws NotesException
public String readText(int constant, int constant)
    throws NotesException


int constant
  • Stream.STMREAD_LINE (0) reads one line.
  • Defaults to the entire stream to a maximum of 2GB.
int constant

End-of-line character(s) within the text. The default is Stream.EOL_NONE.

  • Stream.EOL_ANY (4) treats any of EOL_CR, EOL_CRLF, or EOL_LF as end-of-line.
  • Stream.EOL_CR (2) treats a carriage return (ASCII 13) as end-of-line.
  • Stream.EOL_CRLF (0) treats a carriage return and line feed (ASCII 10 + 13) as end-of-line.
  • Stream.EOL_LF (1) treats a line feed (ASCII 10) as end-of-line.
  • Stream.EOL_NONE (5) treats nothing as end-of-line. Default.
  • Stream.EOL_PLATFORM (3) follows the conventions of the current platform.

Return value


The text read.


This method starts at getPosition and reads text until end of line, including the end-of-line character, or end of stream.