Merging secret encryption keys

About this task

If a database has a secret encryption key, you must merge the key with your user ID so that you can distribute the key to users. After users receive the key from you, they merge the encryption key with their user IDs so that they have access to encrypted fields.

To merge an encryption key received by e-mail


  1. Open the mail message containing the attached encryption key.
  2. Choose Actions - Accept Encryption.
  3. Enter your password, and then click OK.
  4. Optional: Type comments to describe the encryption key -- for example, type the name of the database and field in which the encryption key is used.
  5. Click Accept.

To merge an encryption key received as a file


  1. From your Bookmark page, select File - Security - User Security.
  2. Enter your Notes® password.
  3. Click Notes® Data - Documents, and then click Other Actions - Import Secret Key.
  4. Select the directory, specify the name of file containing the encryption key, and then click OK or Open.
  5. If prompted to do so, enter the password associated with the file, and then click OK.
  6. Click Accept.