LeftMargin (RichTextParagraphStyle - Java)

Read-Write. Left margin of each line except the first in each paragraph.

Defined in


Data type



public int getLeftMargin()
    throws NotesException
public void setLeftMargin(int value)
    throws NotesException

Legal values

The following constants are available:

  • RichTextParagraphStyle.RULER_ONE_CENTIMETER
  • RichTextParagraphStyle.RULER_ONE_INCH

The unit of measure used by the preceding constants is a "twip," where one centimeter is 567 twips and one inch is 1440 twips. You can apply arithmetic to the constants to obtain other measurements. For example, RULER_ONE_CENTIMETER * 2 for two centimeters or RULER_ONE_INCH * 0.75 for three-quarters of an inch.