javaproject (Domino DTD)

Represents a container for multiple Java sources, resources, archives, and references to Java script libraries.

Containment Hierarchy

Contained by: %code.types;

Contains: <java>, <javaresource>, <javaarchive>, <sharedlibraryref>, <appletresourcefileref>


<!ELEMENT javaproject ( (java | javaresource | javaarchive | sharedlibraryref | appletresourcefileref )* )>


java | javaresource | javaarchive | sharedlibraryref | appletresourcefileref

Contains zero or more of java, javaresource, javaarchive, sharedlibraryref, or appletresourcefileref elements.


<!ATTLIST javaproject












Name of the primary Java class. Use JavaAgent.class for agents.


Container of the Java files. The value of this attribute depends on where the Java code is being used. If Java code is used in a design element, this attribute specifies the location in Notes designer where the Java is stored. If Java code is included in an applet, this attribute equals "notes/// ./$File" when the applet files are stored within Notes and equals a URL when it references an applet on a Web server. If this attribute specifies a file system path for a directory, the java, javaresource, and javaarchive elements do not contain anything, but each reference the name of the file (in their name attributes) in the file system where they reside and can be imported from.


Boolean value. If true, indicates that the project files are imported, which means imported from the file system or a script library. If a project is imported, the full path of each file must be specified in the codepath attribute. Default is false.