getPropertyValueString (PropertyBroker - Java)

Returns the value of a specified property as a single text value.

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String getPropertyValueString(String propertyname)



String. The name of the property whose value will be returned.

Note: Since there can only be a single input property per action, the name passed in must match.


If the property has no value or the value is numeric or date-time, this method returns an empty java string. To test for an empty java string, use the length property.

If no property with the specified name exists, this method returns an empty java string. It does not throw an exception. Use hasProperty to verify the existence of a property.

This method returns a rich text value rendered to plain text. Formatting and embedded objects are lost.

If the property has multiple values, this method returns the first value.

All PropertyBroker methods are inactive when called by applications running on the Domino® server, or running on the Notes® 8 basic configuration without Notes® 8 standard configuration.

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