getNextSibling (View - Java)

Given a document in a view, returns the document immediately following it at the same level. If you send the method a main document, the next main document in the view is returned. If you send a response document, the next response document with the same parent is returned.

If the view is categorized, the next sibling is in the same category as the original document.

Defined in



public Document getNextSibling(Document doc)
    throws NotesException


Document doc

Any document in the view. Cannot be null.

Return value


The document following the parameter, at the same level in the view. Returns null if there are no more siblings.


You can use getNextSibling to:

  • Move from one main document to the next, skipping any response documents in between
  • Visit the response documents of a particular parent document (use getChild to find the first response)
  • Visit the response-to-response documents of a particular parent document (use getChild to find the first response-to-response)

If you filtered the view with FTSearch, getNextSibling returns the next document in the view, regardless of level.


Two documents are siblings if:

  • They are both main documents, or
  • They are both responses or response-to-responses and they share the same parent document

The last sibling

This method returns null when the parameter is:

  • The last main document in a view
  • The last response (or response-to-response) to a particular parent