Examples: SetContentFromText method

This agent creates a document in MIME format.

Sub Initialize
  Dim s As New NotesSession
  Dim db As NotesDatabase
  Dim doc As NotesDocument
  Dim body As NotesMIMEEntity
  Dim stream As NotesStream
  Set db = s.CurrentDatabase
  s.ConvertMIME = False ' Do not convert MIME to rich text
  Set doc = db.CreateDocument
  Call doc.ReplaceItemValue("Form", "Main Form")
  Set body = doc.CreateMIMEEntity
  Set header = body.CreateHeader("Subject")
  Call header.SetHeaderVal("MIME one-part message")
  Set stream = s.CreateStream
  Call stream.WriteText("Text of message.")
  Call body.SetContentFromText _
  (stream, "text/plain;charset=UTF-8", ENC_IDENTITY_7BIT)
  Call doc.Save(True, True)
  s.ConvertMIME = True ' Restore conversion
End Sub