Examples: Level property (NotesACLEntry - LotusScript®)

  1. This script displays a message about the first entry in the database. The entry db is a NotesDatabase object.
    Set acl = db.ACL
    Set entry = acl.GetFirstEntry
    If ( entry.Level = ACLLEVEL_READER ) Then
      Messagebox( "The first entry has Reader access." )
    End If
  2. This script gets the entry for the server Brussels in the ACL of the current database, and changes its access level to Designer.
    Dim session As New NotesSession
    Dim db As NotesDatabase
    Dim acl As NotesACL
    Dim entry As NotesACLEntry
    Set db = session.CurrentDatabase
    Set acl = db.ACL
    Set entry = acl.GetEntry( "Brussels/Europe/ACME" )
    If Not ( entry Is Nothing ) Then
      entry.Level = ACLLEVEL_DESIGNER
      Call acl.Save
    End If