Examples: Designing a form that launches an object automatically

You need a Spring product line database that sales representatives use to create custom presentations from a standard set of slides. You plan to use IBM® Freelance Graphics® . Create a Sales Presentation form and embed a Freelance Presentation file containing the standard slide presentation. Specify the Freelance Presentation object to autolaunch only when a document containing it is created.

When you use the Sales Presentation form to create a document, Freelance Graphics® launches and you save the object without modifying it. Then use the name "Standard Presentation" to save the Notes® document. You now have a document stored in the database and accessible by sales representatives all over the world, containing standard slides for a sales presentation.

Sales representatives who want to modify the presentation use the Sales Presentation form to create a new document. The Freelance Graphics® object launches automatically, and the sales representatives can customize the slide presentation. They then save the object, and specify a new name when they save the Notes® document containing it. Their custom version of the slide presentation is now in the database, where other sales representatives can access it.