Enabling connections to external databases

About this task

In order to establish a connection to an external data source, you must first enable external connections for the database. Once that database property is set, you can then use your data connection resource (DCR) in a form to exchange data with an external database.


  1. In Designer, open the database where you plan to use a data connection.
  2. Select Application Properties in the Applications Navigator.

  3. In the middle pane, click the Application Properties-Basics tab.
  4. Select "Allow connections to external databases using DCRs." This property is disabled until you have created at least one DCR in the database.
    Note: You may want to disable this while you are designing an application, and enable it when you are ready to deploy your application. You must also disable this option when you import existing records from an external database into your application.
  5. Close and reopen the database to enable the property.