DOMImplementation (Org.W3C.DOM Package)

The DOMImplementation interface provides methods for performing operations that are independent of any particular instance of the document object model.

The DOM Level 1 does not specify a way of creating a document instance, and hence document creation is an operation specific to an implementation. .

See the following for methods.


Test if the DOM implementation implements a specific feature.


public boolean hasFeature(java.lang.String feature, java.lang.String version)


feature - The package name of the feature to test. In Level 1, the legal values are "HTML" and "XML" (case-insensitive).

version - This is the version number of the package name to test. In Level 1, this is the string "1.0". If the version is not specified, supporting any version of the feature will cause the method to return true.

Return value:

True if the feature is implemented in the specified version, false otherwise.