Collecting documents by searching in LotusScript® classes

The FTSearch, FTSearchRange, UnprocessedFTSearch, UnprocessedFTSearchRange, Search, and UnprocessedSearch methods of NotesDatabase return a NotesDocumentCollection object containing documents that match a search query. The FTSearch of NotesDocumentCollection refines a NotesDocumentCollection so that only documents that match a search query are retained.

For FTSearch, FTSearchRange, UnprocessedFTSearch, and UnprocessedFTSearchRange, the search query is a string that meets the Notes® rules for full-text search queries, requiring that a search entity be a single word or multiple words enclosed in quotes (double quotes in a LotusScript® string constant). Search entities can include ? and * wildcards, and can be combined by ! (not), & (and), and | (or) operators. For the complete syntax rules, see "Refining a search query using operators" in Notes® Help. Search for "query syntax" in the Domino® Designer Eclipse help system or information center (for example,, both of which include Notes®.

For Search and UnprocessedSearch, the search query is a formula.

A database does not need to be full-text indexed for FTSearch, FTSearchRange, UnprocessedFTSearch, and UnprocessedFTSearchRange to work, but the search is slower. If an index exists, it reflects content at the time of the last update. The UpdateFTIndex method creates or updates a full-text index. The IsFTIndexed property tests for the existence of an index.