Viewing the agent log

About this task

Every time an agent runs, it writes a log report with the following information:

  • When it ran
  • The number of documents it processed
  • The actions it took on the documents

Each time an agent runs, it writes over the previous log report. Domino® stores the Agent Log with the database. The Agent log stores accurate information on simple action agents and formula agents. Information on LotusScript® agents, Java agents, or agents calling other agents is not necessarily complete.

If you are running agents built with LotusScript® or Java and the agents run in the background, you can add the NotesLog class to your agent code to record run-time information in the Agent Log.

To view the most recent Agent Log:


  1. Select a database and choose View - Agents.
  2. Right click an agent whose log you want to check and choose View Log.
  3. Review the information in the Log.