buildCollection (NoteCollection - Java)

Builds (compiles) the note collection.

Defined in



public void buildCollection()
   throws NotesException


You must build the collection before it is usable.

The built collection contains the database notes determined by the current values of SelectionFormula, SinceTime, and the Select properties.

Initially SelectionFormula and SinceTime select all notes.

Initially the Select properties are all true or all false as determined bycreateNoteCollection. You can reset them all true or all false with selectAllNotes.

You can set the Select properties individually or in groups. The following list arranges the Select properties under the selectAll methods that set them:

  1. Not in a selectAll group:
  2. Set by selectAllAdminNotes:
  3. Set by selectAllDesignElements and selectAllCodeElements:
  4. Set by selectAllDesignElements and selectAllFormatElements:
  5. Set by selectAllDesignElements and selectAllIndexElements:
  6. Set by selectAllDesignElements:

Use LastBuildTime to get the time of the last build.