Blog security

In order to be able to access the Web Client, you need to have the webadmin role assigned to you in the ACL. In order to be able to add content to your site, you also need to have the role webcompose assigned. Additionally you need to be at least a document Author.

In order to be able to delete content using the web client, then the usual ACL rules apply on being able to delete Notes documents.

Console view

The Web client opens in the console, where you see a list of recent content and comments added to your site. From this view, you can add new content or delete existing comments.

From here, you can access the Content, Comments, and Resources tabs.


The content section shows the latest published content with navigation and option to delete selected documents.

Click the pencil icon to edit a selected document.

You can view Published content and Draft content, as well as add new content. Note that if you opt to edit content, the content document opens in the Console tab.


Click the Comments to view recent comments and/or delete them.You can also navigate between published and draft comments, and publish draft comments.


Click the resources tab to upload images, files/attachments, JavaScript and stylesheet files. You can also remove current resource files in the database from here.