Getting information

The immediate resource for getting information is the installed help system.

To access help from Domino® Designer or Notes®, click Help > Help Contents. Easiest access is typically by searching. Here are some tips:
  • Enter complete words. Case does not matter but words must be complete. For example, if you are looking for the createFTIndex method, you can enter createftindex but createftinde fails.
  • The search results might show duplicate or similar titles, especially for reference topics. When you hover over a title, a pop-up tells you the name of its book. This information also appears on the status line.
  • If you are using one part of the help frequently, you should set a search scope for it. See the referenced task.
Clicking F1 show a complementary help system in the right pane. Some of that material is summary in nature. You can navigate to fuller documentation by using the links or clicking Search or All Topics at the bottom of the page.

Use Google or another Web product to expand your search beyond help. Preface your search query with domino designer. For example, to get information on the createFTIndex method, you might enter domino designer createftindex as a search query.

For a hands-on introduction to XPages, use the tutorial in this help. The tutorial uses the advanced template named Site finder demo.