Using logging with RDBMS

The logging feature in the RDBMS plugin lets you test the actual switching being made between connection pools.

Logging with RDBMS is performed by the RelationalLogger class, which is used to expose the LogMgr related to the package. Depending on the logging level set on the server, logging messages will be output for the following:

  • when exceptions or errors occur
  • when warnings occur
  • when informational logging messages are generated
  • when debugging messages are generated

To change the level of the logging, set the<LEVEL> in the file inside the <DOMINO_INST_DIR>/data/domino/workspace/.config/ directory. The list of supported levels include the following: SEVERE, WARNING, INFO, CONFIG, FINE, FINER, and FINEST.

An example of when to use this feature would be during the creation of a data source. In this example, if the logging level is set to FINEST, the feature logs which connection pool type is being used, JdbcPool or DbcpPool.