JavaScript language elements (JavaScript)

The JavaScript language elements are based on the ECMAScript Language Specification Standard ECMA-262 (see The JavaScript described here applies to the server-side interpreter. Client-side scripts are interpreted by the browser.

The following table lists the language elements:
Language element Description
Statements (JavaScript) Keywords and syntax that form the framework of a script.
Operators (JavaScript) Symbols and keywords that assign, compare, and combine values.
Top-level functions (JavaScript) Functions not associated with any object.
@Functions (JavaScript) Functions that emulate HCL Notes® @functions.
Implied variable typing (JavaScript) Ability to associate a variable with a data type to document your code and direct content assist.
Embedding Java in JavaScript Ability to embed Java code.

This documentation refers to the following products: HCL Domino®, HCL Notes®, HCL iNotes®, and HCL Traveler.