UseDoubleAsPointer method for Notes session class

This new method for the LotusScript Notes session class lets you use a Double to handle a 64-bit pointer argument for a C API call.

LotusScript does not have a pointer type so it can encounter issues when a LotusScript agent is used to call C API 64-bit pointers. The UseDoubleAsPointer method provides a workaround for this limitation by allowing a Double to handle a C API 64-bit pointer argument. Note that Long used to be used for pointers but is too small to carry a C pointer.

This workaround was previously available through the Domino notes.ini setting LS64BITCCALLOUTPointerSupport=1. However, the notes.ini approach had the downside of affecting all LotusScript agents on the server.

UseDoubleAsPointer requires a Domino Designer 12.0.1 client for the LotusScript coding and a Domino 12.0.1 server to run the LotusScript agent.

For more information, see UseDoubleAsPointer (NotesSession - LotusScript ).