DQL syntax

DQL can be executed in the LotusScript® or Java Query method on the (Notes®) Database object or the domino-db node.js API.

Using [ and ] to denote option tokens, the syntax of DQL is:
Term [Boolean Term [ Boolean Term ...]]
where the syntax for Term and Boolean is described in the following table.
Note: Spaces are required between Identifiers, Operators, and Values.
Table 1. DQL Term and Boolean syntax
Element Element Element Value
SummaryField | ‘View or folder name’.Columnname | @function

SummaryField is the name of any field stored in the summary portion of any document in a Domino® database.

View or folder name is the name, or an alias, of any view or folder created in a Domino® database.

Columnname is the programmatic name of any primary sorted column in the view or folder specified in View or folder name.

@function is @all | @ModifiedInThisFile |@DocumentUniqueID | @Created

Operator = | > | >= | < | <= | in [all] | contains [all]

Quoted string value ’ | @dt(‘ datetime value ’) | number | ( in value list )

Quoted string value is any textual value desired to be found in a field or view column specified

datetime value is an ISO8601-compliant value specified in GMT or Zulu time

number is a floating point number, with or without decimal point, including scientific notation

in value list is

value 1’ [ ,’value2’ ... ]

Boolean and | or | and not | or not