Using reserved words

Formula language includes a set of reserved words that perform special functions:

Reserved word syntax


DEFAULT fieldName := value

Associates a value with a field. If the field exists in the document being processed, its current value is used. If the field does not exist, the document is treated as if the field does exist and the DEFAULT value is used.

ENVIRONMENT variable := textValue

Assigns a value to an environment variable in the user's notes.ini file (Windows and UNIX) or Notes® Preferences file (Macintosh).

FIELD fieldName := value

Assigns a value to a field in the current document. If the field does not exist, it is created; if it already exists, the contents are replaced.

REM ["remarks"]

REM [{remarks}]

Inserts documentation into the formula without affecting its function.

SELECT logicalValue

Specifies whether or not the current document is valid for processing in view selection, replication, and agent formulas.

A reserved word is always the first word in a statement. By convention, reserved words are entered in uppercase. You can enter them in lowercase, but Domino® converts them to uppercase when saving a formula.

The fieldName and variable specifications to reserved words are names, not text constants. Do not enclose them in parentheses.