toString (Java)

The following lotus.domino classes override the toString method of java.lang.Object and return values as indicated:

  • ACLEntry (same as getName)
  • Agent (same as getName)
  • AgentContext (same as getEffectiveUserName)
  • Database (same as getFilePath)
  • DateRange (same as getText)
  • DateTime (same as getLocalTime)
  • DbDirectory (same as getName)
  • Document (same as getUniversalID)
  • EmbeddedObject (same as )
  • Form (same as getName)
  • Item (same as getName)
  • Log (same as getProgramName)
  • Name (same as getCanonical)
  • Session (same as getUserName)
  • View (same as getName)
  • ViewColumn (same as getTitle)