SubjectItemName (NotesNewsletter - LotusScript®)

Read-write. For a newsletter document created using the FormatMsgWithDoclinks method, indicates the name of the item on a newsletter's documents which contains the text you want to use as a subject line.

Defined in


Data type



To get: name$ = notesNewsletter .SubjectItemName

To set: notesNewsletter .SubjectItemName = name$


For a newsletter document created using the FormatDocument method, this property has no effect.

This property must be used in conjunction with the DoSubject property, which determines whether or not a subject line is included in the newsletter. For example, if the DoSubject property is True and SubjectItemName is "Topic," then the newsletter contains the contents of each document's Topic item next to the document's link. If the DoSubject property is False, the SubjectItemName property has no effect.

You must set both SubjectItemName and DoSubject before calling FormatMsgWithDoclinks.

For examples, see the FormatMsgWithDoclinks method.