setContentFromText (MIMEEntity - Java)

Sets the content of a MIME entity from text.

Note: This method is new with Release 6.

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public void setContentFromText(Stream stream, String contentType, int encoding) 
     throws NotesException


Stream stream

The text input. This input replaces any existing content. If the stream is empty, any current content is removed.

String contentType

Content type/subtype of input. This parameter generates a Content-Type header.

int encoding

The MIME transfer encoding, which should reflect the encoding of the input stream. This parameter generates a Content-Transfer-Encoding header. See also encodeContent.

  • MIMEEntity.ENC_BASE64 -- Content-Transfer-Encoding is "base64"
  • MIMEEntity.ENC_EXTENSION -- Content-Transfer-Encoding is user-defined
  • MIMEEntity.ENC_IDENTITY_7BIT -- Content-Transfer-Encoding is "7bit"
  • MIMEEntity.ENC_IDENTITY_8BIT -- Content-Transfer-Encoding is "8bit"
  • MIMEEntity.ENC_IDENTITY_BINARY -- Content-Transfer-Encoding is "binary"
  • MIMEEntity.ENC_NONE -- no Content-Transfer-Encoding header
  • MIMEEntity.ENC_QUOTED_PRINTABLE -- Content-Transfer-Encoding is "quoted-printable"


If the NotesStream input is the result of NotesStream.WriteText, translation of the internal Unicode defaults to US-ASCII. To translate characters other than US-ASCII, append a charset parameter such as "charset=UTF-8" or "charset=Unicode-1-1" to the type/subtype.

If Content-Type specifies "text" and the "charset" parameter specifies a known Internet encoding, and encoding is ENC_IDENTITY_8BIT or ENC_IDENTITY_BINARY, content storage is with the specified character set. Otherwise, content storage is attempted with US-ASCII.

This method sets the stream Position at end of stream.