SetContentFromText (NotesMIMEEntity - LotusScript®)

Sets the content of a MIME entity from text.

Note: This method is new with Release 6.

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Call notesMIMEEntity .SetContentFromText( stream , contentType , encoding )



NotesStream. The text input. This input replaces any existing content. If the stream is empty, any current content is removed.


String. Content type/subtype of input. This parameter generates a Content-Type header.


Constant of type Integer. The MIME content transfer encoding. This parameter generates a Content-Transfer-Encoding header. See also EncodeContent.

  • ENC_BASE64 (1727) -- Content-Transfer-Encoding is "base64"
  • ENC_EXTENSION (1731) -- Content-Transfer-Encoding is user-defined
  • ENC_IDENTITY_7BIT (1728) -- Content-Transfer-Encoding is "7bit"
  • ENC_IDENTITY_8BIT (1729) -- Content-Transfer-Encoding is "8bit"
  • ENC_IDENTITY_BINARY (1730) -- Content-Transfer-Encoding is "binary"
  • ENC_NONE (1725) -- no Content-Transfer-Encoding header
  • ENC_QUOTED_PRINTABLE (1726) -- Content-Transfer-Encoding is "quoted-printable"


If the NotesStream input is the result of NotesStream.WriteText, translation of the internal Unicode defaults to US-ASCII. To translate characters other than US-ASCII, append a charset parameter such as "charset=UTF-8" or "charset=Unicode-1-1" to the type/subtype.

If Content-Type specifies "text" and the "charset" parameter specifies a known Internet encoding, and encoding is ENC_IDENTITY_8BIT or ENC_IDENTITY_BINARY, content storage is with the specified character set. Otherwise, content storage is attempted with US-ASCII.

This method sets the stream Position at end of stream.