QueryDragDrop (NotesUIView class - LotusScript®)

Occurs just before a drag and drop operation in a calendar view.

Defined in

NotesUIView class


QueryDragDrop(Source As Notesuiview, Continue As Variant)



NotesUIView. Read-only. The current view.


Boolean. Read-write. Indicates whether or not the drag and drop operation proceeds. Set this parameter to False if you do not want the operation to proceed.


The event in the source folder, not the destination folder, executes when an object is selected to drag.

When you create a script that responds to this event, Notes® creates the syntax of the event for you (including the parameters). You do not need to type it in.

QueryDragDrop occurs only when dragging an entry from one date or time to another in a Notes® calendar view. If you want to control the folder drag and drop, see QueryAddToFolder. To drag and drop to the OS desktop or other applications, there is no programmable event. For this function to work, you must to program its function, for example, by setting fields in the dragged documents. The QueryDragDrop event occurs when the user releases the mouse button after dragging.