ListIndexes method (NotesDominoQuery - LotusScript)

Lists the indexes that are optimized for Domino DQL query terms.

Defined in



NotesDominoQuery.ListIndexes( )



Return value

NotesJsonNavigator object

Results are returned in JSON format, with the following structure:
where Columnref is whether DQL 'viewname'.columnname syntax can be used with the field and Fieldref is whether the field name can be used directly in DQL terms.


Dim Session As New NotesSession
    Dim db As NotesDatabase
    Dim IndexList As String
    Dim TheQuery As NotesDominoQuery
    Dim jsnav As NotesJSONNavigator
    Dim el As NotesJSONElement
    Set db = Session.CurrentDatabase
    Set TheQuery = db.Createdominoquery()
    Set jsnav = TheQuery.ListIndexes()

    IndexList = jsnav.Stringify()
    Print IndexList

Language cross-reference

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