GetAllDocumentsByKey (NotesView - LotusScript®)

Finds documents based on their column values within a view. You create an array of keys, where each key corresponds to a value in a sorted column in the view. The method returns all documents whose column values match each key in the array.

Defined in



Set notesDocumentCollection = notesView .GetAllDocumentsByKey( keyArray [, exactMatch% ] )



String (variable-length only), integer, long or double value, or array of string, number, DateTime, or DateRange objects. Each element in the array is compared to a sorted column in the view. The first element in the array is compared to the first sorted column in the view; the second element is compared to the second sorted column; and so on.


Boolean. Optional. Specify True if you want to find an exact match. All documents that match the key exactly are returned. If you specify False (the default) or omit this parameter, a partial match succeeds. A partial match returns all documents that match the initial characters of the key.

Return value


A NotesDocumentCollection. All documents in the view whose column values match each of the values in the keyArray. If no documents match, the collection is empty and the count is zero.


For the GetAllDocumentsByKey method to work, you must have at least one sorted column for each key.

If this method is used under COM, with a keyArray parameter of an array, it must be defined as an array of type Variant.

This method returns all the documents whose column values match the keys you indicate. To locate just the first document, use GetDocumentByKey.

Documents returned by this method are in no particular order, and do not provide access to ColumnValues. Use the GetAllEntriesByKey method for this information.

Matches are not case-sensitive. For example, "Turban" matches "turban." In an exact match, "cat" matches "cat" but does not match "category," while "20" matches "20" but does not match "201." In a partial match, "T" matches "Tim" or "turkey," but does not match "attic," while "cat" matches "catalog" or "category," but does not match "coat" or "bobcat."

The use of partial matches with multiple keys may result in missed documents. If the first key is partial and the second column does not sort the same with the partial key as with the exact key, documents that fall out of sequence are missed.

If any columns are formatted with both categories and subcategories in the same column (using the "\\" special character), the method will not find the documents.

To get view entry information about the documents, use the GetAllEntriesByKey method.