Examples: OverwriteFile property

  1. This script opens the LOG.TXT file for logging. The existing contents of the file are removed before any actions or errors are logged.
    Dim currentLog As New NotesLog( "Bump on a Log" )
    currentLog.OverwriteFile = True
    Call currentLog.OpenFileLog( "c:\log.txt" )
    '...log some actions and errors...
    Call currentLog.Close
  2. This agent script sets the OverwriteFile property to True if the agent last ran over seven days ago. If the agent last ran within the last seven days, it sets the OverwriteFile property to False.
    Sub Initialize
      Dim session As New NotesSession
      Dim db As NotesDatabase
      Dim agent As NotesAgent
      Dim collection As NotesDocumentCollection
      Dim doc As NotesDocument
      Dim currentLog As NotesLog
      Set db = session.CurrentDatabase
      Set agent = session.CurrentAgent
      Set collection = db.UnprocessedDocuments
      Set currentLog = New NotesLog( "Log for " & agent.Name )
      If ( ( Today - agent.LastRun ) > 7 ) Then
        currentLog.OverwriteFile = True
        currentLog.OverwriteFile = False
      End If
      Call currentLog.OpenFileLog( "c:\log.txt" )
      Call currentLog.LogAction _
      ( collection.Count & " docs being processed." )
      '....code to process each document...
      Call currentLog.Close
    End Sub