Examples: EnableRole method

  1. This script enables the Auditor role for Bill Ehrhardt, in the database DISCUSS.NSF.
    Dim db As New NotesDatabase _
    ("Reykjavik", "data\discuss.nsf")
    Dim acl As NotesACL
    Dim entry As NotesACLEntry
    Set acl = db.ACL
    Set entry = acl.GetEntry( "Bill Ehrhardt/East/ACME" )
    Call entry.EnableRole( "Auditor" )
    Call acl.Save
  2. This sub enables one role for multiple people in an ACL. Its parameters are a NotesACL object, the name of the role to enable, and an array of strings that represent user names.
    Sub enablePeople( acl As NotesACL, _
    role As String, names As Variant )
      Dim person As NotesACLEntry
      Forall n In names
        Set person = acl.GetEntry( n )
        If ( person.Level = ACLLEVEL_NOACCESS ) Then
          Set person = New NotesACLEntry _
          ( acl, n, ACLLEVEL_AUTHOR )
          Call acl.Save
        End If
        Call person.EnableRole( role )
      End Forall
      Call acl.Save
    End Sub