Examples: BeginSection method

This agent begins a section at the end of a rich text item. The section contains the contents of a file. The section title is the name of the file.

%INCLUDE "lserr.lss"
Sub Initialize
  On Error ErrFileNotFound Goto handler
  filename$ = Inputbox$("Full path name of file", "File name")
  If filename$ = "" Then Exit Sub
  'Raise error if file does not exist
  v = Getfileattr(filename$)_
  Dim session As New NotesSession
  Dim db As NotesDatabase
  Set db = session.CurrentDatabase
  Dim dc As NotesDocumentCollection
  Set dc = db.UnprocessedDocuments
  Dim doc As NotesDocument
  Set doc = dc.GetFirstDocument
  Dim rti As NotesRichTextItem
  Set rti = doc.GetFirstItem("Body")
  Dim stream As NotesStream
  Set stream = session.CreateStream
  Dim rtstyle As NotesRichTextStyle
  Set rtstyle = session.CreateRichTextStyle
  rtstyle.Bold = True
  Dim colorObject As NotesColorObject
  Set colorObject = session.CreateColorObject
  colorObject.NotesColor = COLOR_RED
  If Not stream.Open(filename$) Then
    Messagebox "Could not open stream",, "Error"
    Exit Sub
  End If
  Call rti.BeginSection(filename$, rtstyle, colorObject, True)
  Call rti.AppendText(stream.ReadText)
  Call rti.EndSection
  Call doc.Save(True, True)
  Exit Sub
  Messagebox "File mistyped or does not exist",, _
  "File not found"
  Exit Sub
End Sub