DeleteUser (NotesAdministrationProcess - LotusScript®)

Enters a request in the Administration Requests database to delete a user.

Defined in



noteID$ = notesAdministrationProcess .DeleteUser( username$ , immediate , mailfileaction% , denygroup$ [ , deletewindowsuser ] , idvaultaction%)



String. The hierarchical name of the user in canonical or abbreviated form.



  • True deletes all references to the user in the Domino® Directory before issuing an administration process request.
  • False lets the administration process make all deletions.
    Note: A True setting may impact performance.


Constant of type Integer. Indicates the disposition of the user's mail file:

  • MAILFILE_DELETE_ALL (2) deletes the mail file on the user's home server and all replicas.
  • MAILFILE_DELETE_HOME (1) deletes the mail file on the user's home server.
  • MAILFILE_DELETE_NONE (0) leaves the user's mail file.


Indicates the disposition of the user's ID file in the ID vault:
  • AdministrationProcess.IDVAULT_MARK_DELETE_AS_INACTIVE (2) marks the ID file in the ID vault as inactive for the user.
  • AdministrationProcess.VAULT_DELETE (1) deletes the ID from the ID vault immediately if the requester has vault administrator access. Marks as deleted if requester has deletion rights to the directory.
  • AdministrationProcess.VAULT_RETAIN (0) leaves the user's ID in the vault. (DEFAULT).


String. The name of an existing group of type "Deny List Only" to which the name of the deleted user is added. The empty string means do not add the user name to any group.


Boolean. Optional.

  • True also deletes the correspondong Windows user.
  • False (default) does not delete the corresponding Windows user.

Return value


String. The note ID of an entry created in the Administration Requests database.


This method triggers "Delete person in Domino® Directory," "Delete in Person documents," "Delete in Access Control List," "Delete in Reader / Author fields," "Get information for deletion," "Approve file deletion," "Request file deletion," "Delete mail file," "Delete unlinked mail file," "Approve deletion of Private Design Elements," "Request to delete Private Design Elements," and "Delete Private Design Elements" administration process requests.