Decrypt (NotesDatabase - LotusScript)

Decrypts a database

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To decrypt using default encryption strength DBENCRYPT_STRENGTH_AES128 and compact immediately:

Call notesDatabase .Decrypt( boolean defer)



Specify true to wait and compact the database the first time it's opened after being decrypted. Specify false to compact the database immediately after decrypting it.


Decrypting is done locally from a Domino server or Notes client. If run on the Notes client, decrypting requires Manager access in the database ACL. If run on the server, it requires:
  • Manager access in the application or
  • Code being signed with the server ID or
  • Signer must have Full administrator access to the server.

Compacting is required to decrypt a database. If defer isn't used and a database can't be immediately compacted, be assured that it will be compacted and decrypted the first time the database is opened after the call runs.


Dim session As New NotesSession
Dim db As NotesDatabase
Set db = session.GetDatabase("", "encme.nsf")
Call db.decrypt(True)