configureMailAgent (AdministrationProcess - Java)

Enters a request in the Administration Requests database to configure an agent in a mail database on a user's home server.

Defined in



public String configureMailAgent(String username, String agentname)
    throws NotesException
public String configureMailAgent(String username, String agentname, boolean activatable, boolean enable)
    throws NotesException


String username

The full hierarchical name (can be abbreviated) of the user.

String agentname

The name of the agent.

boolean activatable
  • true (default) to make the agent activatable
  • false to make the agent not activatable
boolean enable
  • true (default) to enable the agent
  • false to disable the agent

Return value


The note ID of an entry created in the Administration Requests database.


This method specifies username as the value of "Run on behalf of" under the Security tab in the Agent Properties box. This is useful to allow scheduled agents on a mail database to run under the authority of the mail user. If activatable is true, users with Editor access can enable and disable the agent without resigning it.

After the agent is configured, you can use the Agent class to reset activatable and enable.