ColumnValues (Document - Java)

Read-only. A vector of values, each element of which corresponds to a column value in the document's parent view. The first value in the vector is the value that appears in the view's first column for the document, the second value is the one that appears in the second column, and so on. The value of each element of the vector is the result of the corresponding column's formula and the items on the current document. Some elements in the vector might have no value.

Defined in


Data type

java.util.Vector; elements are Object


public java.util.Vector getColumnValues()
    throws NotesException


If you do not access the document through a view, this property has no value.

If a document contains an item that's visible in a view, the ColumnValues property provides efficient access to its value. Accessing the item value directly is less efficient.

This property returns a value for each column in the parent view, regardless of whether the column is considered "Responses-only." For example, if the third column in a view is responses-only, doc.GetColumnValues( 2 ) evaluates the column formula for the document and returns a result, whether the document is a response or not.

A column value is not returned if it is determined by:

  • A formula containing a UI-only function such as @IsExpandable or @DocNumber.
  • A constant.

Take care to treat a column with multiple values as type java.util.Vector.