AppendObject method (NotesJSONObject - LotusScript)

Appends a NotesJSONObject to a NotesJSONObject.

Defined in

NotesJSONObject (LotusScript)



String. Name of the object.

Return value

Returns a NotesJSONObject that was appended to a NotesJSONObject.


Append an object named "myobject" to a NotesJSONObject.
Dim session As New NotesSession()
Dim jsnav As NotesJSONNavigator
Dim nestedObject As NotesJSONObject
Dim object As NotesJSONObject
Set jsnav = session.createJSONNavigator("")
Set object = jsnav.appendObject("myobject")
Set nestedObject = object.appendObject("nestedObject")
Call nestedObject.appendElement("value1", "prop1")
Call nestedObject.appendElement("value2", "prop2")

Result: {"myobject":{"nestedObject":{"prop1":"value1","prop2":"value2"}}}