AppendElement method (NotesJSONArray - LotusScript)

Appends an NotesJSONElement to a NotesJSONArray.

Defined in

NotesJSONArray (LotusScript)



Variant. Value to append to the NotesJSONArray. Allowed types are String , Integer, Long, Double, Boolean.

Return value

Returns a NotesJSONElement that was appended to the NotesJSONArray.


Append three elements to array named "myarray."
Dim session As New NotesSession()
Dim jsnav As NotesJSONNavigator
Dim el As NotesJSONElement
Dim array As NotesJSONArray
Set jsnav = session.createJSONNavigator("")
Set array = jsnav.appendArray("myarray")
Set el = array.appendElement(3)
Set el = array.appendElement(4)
Set el = array.appendElement(5)

Result: :{"myarray":[3,4,5]}