XPages Site Finder tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates the ease with which you can create a Web application in HCL Domino® Designer using XPage elements. Using this tutorial you create and preview three XPages. You place controls on the XPages for accessing and viewing data, navigating to other pages, refreshing the same page, and performing other actions. You will even use JavaScript.

Familiarity with Domino® Designer and traditional design elements is helpful but not essential. A few design elements and graphics that are outside the scope of what you are learning are preloaded. For those that are new to Eclipse, Navigation in Domino Designer provides a good introduction.

The demo application, called Site Finder Demo, is an advanced template delivered with Domino® Designer. It is like the tool on many Web sites to find a nearby location. You submit a zip code or address and the server returns matching locations. In this tutorial, you develop the Web page for making the submission, and other pages for creating and editing the site documents.

For simplicity reasons, access is not restricted. Anyone can create and edit documents. This access lets you preview the XPage features without having to set up a server. For a real application, you want to restrict access, which is easily done through an access control list (ACL). From the menu, click File > Application > Access Control.

The search mechanism in the demo application is simple, based only on exact matches. In a real application, you would want a more sophisticated mechanism.

Learning objectives

  • Set up and view an application containing XPage elements
  • Create an XPage
  • Add controls to an XPage
  • Bind data to an XPage
  • Add navigation to an XPage
  • Create a custom control
  • Use advanced binding and scripting