Column properties in narrow views honored in Notes

Column properties associated with narrow views specified in HCL Domino® Designer are now honored in HCL Notes® applications.

The following column properties specified in Domino Designer are now correctly rendered in Notes applications when users enable narrow views:
  • If view is narrow property:
    "If view is narrow" property options: Keep on top, Hide this column, Wrap to second row
  • Click on column header to sort property:
    "Click on column header to sort" property options: Ascending, Descending, Both, Change to View
  • Justification and other style properties:
    Properties such as font, size, color, style, and justification

When an application is designed with a narrow view, to enable the view, Notes users select View > Customize This View and then select the Narrow View property.

Or to show a narrow view in a preview pane, users select View > Preview Pane > Arrange Preview and a select a location for it. Then, they select View > Preview Pane > Show Preview.

A narrow view looks something like this:
Example of a narrow view