LookupAllNames (NotesDirectory - LotusScript®)

Looks up designated Items for all Names contained in the specified View.

CAUTION: Large results will be limited by the system, according to settings in Notes®.ini. This method is intended for views with limited scopes.
Note: This method is new with Release 8

Defined in



Set notesDirectoryNavigator = notesDirectory .LookupAllNames(view$, items)



The name of the view in which to look up names.


Variant. Summary data items whose values will be returned by the lookup.

Return value


The newly created directory navigator, containing values of the specified lookup items for all names in the specified view.


This method will flush the NotesDirectory cache and reset all child navigators.

The items specified in this method can be:

  1. the programmatic name of a column (the programmatic name is not necessarily the display name)
  2. the programmatic name of a field in the note (names which are not columns in the specified view)
  3. a computed item provided by NAMELookup (such as $$DbName)

For best performance, use column names from the specified view or computed items.

Since no names are furnished as input arguments, the NotesDirectoryNavigator CurrentName property will be empty.