Examples: Name property (NotesPropertyBroker - LotusScript®)

This script displays the name of the input property to the action selected by the property broker.

This script comes from a Notes® form or view action. It executes because the Property Broker invokes it, on receiving a property change published by another component in a composite application. The script asks the Property Broker for the changed property, and displays the name and description of that property.

Note: This script will always display the same message, because the input property, including its name and description, are associated with the WSDL action defined in the Wiring Properties design element in this application. The component that published the property may be using a different name and description, but there is no way to retrieve that information.
Dim s As New NotesSession
Dim pb As NotesPropertyBroker
Set pb = s.GetPropertyBroker()
Dim pbInputProperty As NotesProperty
Dim pbContext As Variant
pbContext = pb.InputPropertyContext 
Set pbInputProperty = pbContext(0)
Dim InputPropertyName As String
InputPropertyName = pbInputProperty.Name
Messagebox "Property Name is " + InputPropertyName, MB_OK, "Name"