AddEntry (NotesOutline - LotusScript®)

Adds a new entry to the outline.

Note: This method is not supported in COM.
Note: This method is obsolete as of Release 5.0.2, but is supported for backward compatibility. Use CreateEntry to add a new entry to an outline.

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Call notesOutline. AddEntry( newEntry [, refEntry ] [, moveAfter ] [, AsChild ] )



NotesOutlineEntry. The entry you want to add to the outline. If you specify Nothing, this method generates an error.


NotesOutlineEntry. Optional. The reference entry before or after which you want to insert the new entry. If you omit this parameter the entry is added to the end of the outline. Specify to add the first entry to an empty outline.


Boolean. Optional. Specify True to move the new entry after the reference entry, and False to move the entry before the reference entry.


Boolean. Optional. Specify True if you want the new entry to be added as a child to the reference entry, and False if you want the new entry to be added as a sibling entry. Default is False.


You must call the Save method to save the change to the outline.